Allow your customers to order and pay quickly and easily using our QR code feature

Restaurants can always be smarter. You’re busy and your staff are too – so let’s make it easier to deliver great customer service. With our QR Code Order & Pay technology, your customer get an easy and efficient way to order food on their mobile with a simple scan of your restaurant’s QR code.

No waiting in line, no fussing with change, just place your order and pay as you head to your table.


How QR Code Order and Pay works

Kingfood’s QR code payment & ordering feature allows your customers to order, pay and receive their order on their own without having to wait in line! All they have to do is scan the QR code, specify their table number and check out. Our app is fully integrated with your POS system for seamless efficiency so there is no delay or limitation to using QR codes vs other traditional payment types.